Below is a step-by-step STS casting instruction guide for PAL’s prescription Platinum Ankle Braces, Platinum Leather AFOs and/or prescription Element78 AFOs.

You can also watch an instructional video below!

1.) Apply protective plastic strip and channel tube to foot and leg as shown.
CRITICAL: Cover foot and leg with plastic bag.
2.) Dip the STS sock in warm water, gently squeezing out excess water.
3.) Place sock over toes, lining up toe seam. Leave 1/2″ of sock at end of toes to prevent curling.
4.) Continue unrolling the sock over the heel and up the leg.
5.) Lift foot from 4th and 5th MPJ. Position the foot in neutral locked at MPJ.
6.) Massage the entire cast, following the anatomic contours beginning with the foot, paying particular attention to the arch.
Tip: If the cast gets sticky, spray with water; cont. to smooth cast as you massage upward.
7.) Be certain to capture the contours of the malleoli as you continue massaging your way up the cast.
8.) Clearly outline the lateral and medial malleoli with a dark marker.
Tip: At this time, mark any other areas that may require special accommodations.
9.) Once cured, pull out the channel tube.
10.) Following the plastic strip, cut the cast from the top, continuing to the toes.
11.) Have the patient wiggle toes to aid with removal.
12.) Carefully spread the STS cast open and remove from leg.