Platinum Leather Trim AFO

Platinum Leather Trim AFO

A slender, less rigid alternative to the standard Platinum Leather AFO to provide a more comfortable fit for any patient who is moderately to highly active.

Clinical Indications:
  • Active / athletic
  • Frequents uneven surfaces
  • Arthritic needing less rigidity
  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Battles PTTD needing more control over plantar foot orthoses
  • Needs increased circulation and control of drastic volumetric changes due to fluid

Suggested L-Codes: L1940, L2330, L2820

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The stability of the Platinum Leather AFO paired with outstanding comfort for increased patient compliance, puts your patient on a direct path to healing. This prescription molded leather AFO uses a patented shoe manufacturing process to create a more functional device with unparalleled finish.

PAL also offers the Platinum Trim AFO which is provides a slender, less rigid alternative to the original Gauntlet, providing a more comfortable fit for any patient who is moderately-to-highly active.

Medicare-approved for reimbursement, the both AFO styles are plastic solid AFOs covered by two layers of leather and are padded to cushion bony areas. Orders are processed in ten quick days from the PAL lab.


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