High/Low Air Walker

High/Low Air Walker


  • Increase stability and decrease pain and swelling with adjustable air cells
  • Provide increased durability with conforming polymer molded uprights
  • Facilitate a more natural gait pattern with rocker bottom
  • Absorb more energy with cushioned heel
  • Available in standard and ankle heights
Sizes (M/W):
  • S (4.5-7 I 6-8)
  • M (7.5-10.5 I 8.5-11.5)
  • L (11-12.5 I 12-13.5)
  • XL (13+ I 14+)

Suggested Billing Code: L-4360

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Team PAL knows that not every patient is a candidate for a prescription AFO, but many could benefit from initial and immediate enhanced stability. The Transition Ankle line provides a non-prescription solution for patients who can reach desired outcomes without, or are transitioning to a prescription AFO.

Additionally, all Transition Ankle braces have a Medicare and private insurance base billing code. PAL’s team of experts is there to help our clients code appropriately for the products being dispensed based on a patient’s pathology.

NOTE: Suggested reimbursement codes are not inclusive of all possible codes. It is not a guarantee of reimbursement for payment. The codes selected for diagnosis and billing purposes are the discretion of the foot specialist.


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